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Custom made chef knife set/5-Pcs kitchen knife set with leather roller bag/Christmas gift/gift for her/kitchen and Dinning

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Overall Length of All Set (10.6+9.6+9.0+8.0+7.6)Inches (approximately)
Handle Length of All Set. (4.5+4.1+4.0+4.0+4.5)inches (approximately)
Blade Length of All Set. (6.10+5.5+5.0+4.0+3.10)inches (approximately)
Blade Thickness 4.5m approximately
Blade Hardness 55-60 HRC Which Holds The Sharp Edge For Long Time.

Handle: Fabulous handle material. Natural Wood With Mosaic Pins.
Blade: This Piece of Art Has a Nice Hand Forged With the Combination of 15N20 and 1095 Carbon Steel
Sheath: A Top Quality thick and robust leather sheath will be included with this product. The sheath can be worn on belt.

On the fence about this Custom made chef knife set/5-Pcs kitchen knife set with leather roller bag/Christmas gift/gift for her/kitchen and Dinning? Don't be. Let our satisfaction guarantee address your concerns.

Inventory Last Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Damascus steel has a high carbon content which gives it a long-lasting edge. However, the carbon makes it susceptible to rust when it is subjected to moisture. To avoid this wash your knives in warm water with any standard dish soap and fully dry with a fresh towel. Once dry take a cloth or paper towel and coat the knife with oil. We recommend Mineral Oil as it is cheap, food-safe, and does not spoil. Any cooking oil will do the job short term however it is not recommended for long storage times due to spoiling.

If your knife ends up a with some rust on it, don't worry! It's an easy fix!

On a fresh blade rust can form within minutes, and it can be a scary sight but don't lose hope yet! If rust appears rub the blade with a fine steel wool, paper towel, or cloth then oil the blade as normal. Over time your knife will develop a patina and will become more lenient to moisture. High Carbon Damascus does require a bit more care than your grandmas bread knife, but the quality, performance, and user experience make it more than worth it!

Here's some quick tips for your reference.

-Wash in warm soapy water and dry immediately.

-Use mineral oil to coat the blade before storing.

-If you get rust, just rub it off.

-Do not store knives in the leather roll for long periods of time.


Current order build and processing time is 4-5 days unless otherwise noted. You order will ship as soon as its had its final polish!


Shipping Time is 4-7 business days for domestic US orders and 10-14 days for international orders.